Happy Days Versoix

Annual closure July and August

Reopening Friday, August 25

For brunch, we welcome you on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am to 12:00pm.


First American Diner in French-speaking Switzerland

Happy Days opened its doors in Versoix in 2009.

The first American Diner in French-speaking Switzerland.

The idea came to me after several trips to Uncle Sam’s country. Gourmet and surprised by the variety of dishes offered for breakfast, my preference quickly fell on the famous “Pancake”. After trying in vain to reproduce them in my kitchen, I despaired! But by 2008, my mind was made up. I decided to open a pancake house where, like nowhere else, we could have real “Breakfasts”.
“. So I went to California for two months. And I went back to school to perfect my English and visit a few restaurants, hoping they’d tell me their secrets. With the secret of the real pancake in my pocket, I returned home with my head full of images of my future establishment, which, as in the good old days, would be decked out in a fifties decor unseen anywhere else in French-speaking Switzerland, and called “Happy Days“.



NAJIA, in the kitchen. Overflowing energy.

LATIFA, to welcome you with gentleness and kindness.

CHRISTINE, 1,000 ideas an hour to make things better.