Weekend brunch from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Pancakes and French toast for a real brunch worthy of the best American Diners.

Given the high demand for brunch on Sunday mornings, and in order to guarantee a place for everyone at a reasonable price, tables are allocated for a period of 1h30 . Thank you for your understanding 😉

Reservations are possible:

Nyon (Saturday and Sunday): 022 361 37 37

Versoix (Sunday): 022 779 00 00 (please note… Closed until resumption at the end of August 2024)

A piece of history

The idea came to me after several trips to Uncle Sam’s country. Gourmet and surprised by the variety of dishes offered for breakfast, my preference quickly fell on the famous “Pancake”. After trying in vain to reproduce them in my kitchen, I despaired! But by 2008, my mind was made up. I decided to open a pancake house where, like nowhere else, we could have real breakfasts. So I went to California for two months. And I went back to school to perfect my English and visit a few restaurants, hoping they’d tell me their secrets. With the secret of the real pancake in my pocket, I returned home with my head full of images of my future establishment, which, as in the good old days, would be decked out in a fifties decor unseen anywhere else in French-speaking Switzerland, and would quite naturally be called “Happy Days”.


What our breakfast offers

Fresh ingredients
Tasty meats
Authentic cuisine
Creative chefs
Friendly service
Superior quality

Pure, real maple syrup

We’re proud to bring you maple syrup from MAWOO MAPLE SYRUP. Organic, it comes from a natural Canadian forest, with no additives or preservatives.

It comes from a single source, the Aigles maple grove in Quebec. It is specially selected for its unique and authentic aromas.

An inimitable, delicious taste.